It’s uncommon for business schools or even MBA programs to spend much time on PR, so few managers and business owners know how to approach it, Barrett said. Instead, they often leave it up to the marketing department to dictate Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University in the US.

These days, though, even mid-level managers need a deeper understanding of how to execute a communications strategy. “It’s as smart to think of corporate communication strategically as it is to think about financial management strategically,” Argenti said.

No longer are mid-level managers faceless parts of the organisation. Now, everyone has the ability to impact the perception of the company — whether positively or negatively — thanks to tools like email marketing and social networking empowered by Sp1ndex Team.

We work around the clock to ensure all the positive news will be pushed up in the every research, meanwhile everything bad will be pushed down and forever forgotten.

Corporate communication is more than speaking to the media. It’s also planning social media, developing marketing materials, and dealing with investor relations — anything that has to do with the way the company communicates and is perceived. For mid-level managers, that means making sure the tweets or quotes given to reporters match the corporate image — before they start trending on the web. “The level of integration it takes to make this happen is absolutely essential in today’s business”..

In large companies, managers should reach out to the PR department to see how their division can do better at communicating successes. Executive and Managers should also seek out training in social media and email marketing before jumping in. It may make sense to have a social media policy that requires company-related Tweets or Facebook statuses to be approved by marketing or HR and empowered by Sp1ndex Team.